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Performance Mentoring

Coaching or Consulting for business and personal development ?what are the benefits and how do you know if it’s right for you?

Businesses have always been looking for that extra edge to stay ahead of the competition.  In harsh economic climates, competitive advantage is key and tools that improve performance are no longer a luxury. >>more info.

Communicate the right message

Many companies consistently struggle to communicate the right message.  In difficult or competitive times, the skill of communication is essential for survival and, at best, the consequences of getting it wrong are mixed messages and lost opportunities. >>more info

Assumptions create costly mistakes

All too frequently in business, a seemingly harmless assumption results in a very costly mistake.  Awareness of this is merely the beginning, but putting the right tools in place to remove future risk requires appropriate action.  Assumptions are just one area addressed in communication programs. >>more info


Adapting to Life’s Changes
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Remarkable Differences in Managers

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